Saturday, February 26, 2011

Episode 3

The Episode starts with Malik eating sushi off a model. He has fallen behind in his super star life cause he refuses to apologize to Teetee. Dealing with his addiction he is struggling to grasp life and day to day activities . It makes you wonder if 40 million would even benefit some people . He pics out he new assistant from a group of brain dead models. Judging woman based off their looks almost every-mans dream.

Malanie's saber meeting is exciting to watch , how she tries to inspire the young women of the community. She cracks jokes at Jazz for not having making it to the to high life through education. It turns out it doesn't matter how you get to the top as long as you get there. Teetee gives back Malik his investment money , into his franchise . Franchises are a great investment if you do a market research and make sure your environment can support the kind of income you want to make. Malanie uses an apple Ipad to do a presentation , but it is cut short when Jazz schools the girls in Video Vixen life style.

Malik ends the shows with medication abuse , which is a big problem for real football players . The average football career is only 2-4 years and most players spend the careers trying to prove themselves. Later when they do become superstars they must keep up the spark which means the have to take risks on the field , which means pain killers frequently depending on there position. Malik ends up being pulled over and fights a cop . Ego have always been none to get you trouble .

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