Thursday, March 3, 2011

Episode 4

The episode starts with Melanie complaining about The baby moma drama she started. It was funny to see Derwin play with Dj and Janay . Derwin put in a bind with a wife and Baby mama . Mrs Tasha Mack living Ghetto Fabulous , has a hard time not throwing her money in everyone's face. It is often hard for people not to show off, especially when they where broke for so long. Still even if a woman has made it in life she shouldn't make her man feel like he can't take care of her.

Scene 2
Teetee and this wing truck is funny, Chicken on wheels kills. Javon wanting to endorse them just to get free food, everyone has a price. Derwin pulls up in a porsche and orders for him and Janay and tries to down pull what he's doing. It's never just wings, or milk or clothes. Often your babies mama can trick you into a relationship minus the sex. Melanie expressing how she allows her man to think he is in control is funny. Men will do what ever makes there women happy . I know cause i have been there myself. The whole scene with Melanie and Janay was uncalled for . When Melanie finds out that her husband has been playing daddy some where else she snaps and who could blame her. Still Derwin was left in a sticky situation due to the fact that Melanie did swab the baby without her permission . He is once again forced to step up on one side and step down on the other.

Scene 3
Tasha Mack attempts to give her boy toy his balls back. Terrance fights to have Tasha see that being submissive for a moment doesn't make him feel like a man, but rather her showing him a little respect .
Derwin walks right into a brick wall when he gets home. He lies about spending the day in court which had me ballin laughing. Melanie show him the gossip site and he is caught on tap , like an episode of cheaters. He confronts Janay on the matter only to find that the issues go deep then the surface. To often as black men do we over look are womans feelings . He sees the error of his ways and apologizes, but deep down he know this is not a quick fix. At home the tables have turned and now he is in the hot seat asking for forgiveness . This is a great test of what there marriage is made of.