Thursday, February 24, 2011

Episode 2

Tasha Mack is running scared. Mr Big bad wolf is now acting like a puppy . After Tasha Mack apologized to Kelly and now there back to Melanie's drama. Dj is Derwin's baby and i personally am pissed. How dare Melanie swab Dj African Americans have babies of different complexions all the time. Advice from bad friends can harm a perfect relationship . Trust is hard to find and when you have it let no one take it from you.

Jason Pitts leaves the sabers , Derwin and Malik already knew i found that funny. There was a p90x sign in the background i love that workout. It hurts when friends don't tell you things just cause it keeps them paid. Pitts is super self absorbed so he make a perfect sports commentator .

Derwin denies his son over what Melanie saiz and Janay got proof to rock there world. Derwin goes to his friends for support and advice . Like good friends they show him where he could of handled the situation ahead of time. Derwin following the his connection with God decides to give Melanie another chance. I don't know if i could have forgiven her so easily. The days he went thinking he lost a bond between him and the child would have tore my heart to pieces . Well leave comments about how you would have handled that situation.

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