Thursday, February 24, 2011

Episode 1

I am super excited about this season of the game. The show starts with Derwin walking through reports. You get chills just knowing that he made it. Jason or Mr Pitts is now leaving the Sabers which is sad but his character is beat when arrogant . Malik Wright is now with Megan good the boss's wife , what a twist. The 40 million dollar kid can't keep his hands out the cookie jar. Then again if Megan good was in the cookie jar i would stick my hands in the jar as well. Mrs Kelly Pitts IS now single and loving it . She has a reality show that follows her and films her day to day which you know is filled with drama. Janay Is back looking sexyier then ever. She is trying to adjust to her role as a babies momma which is never easy on a mothers heart.

Scene 1
Melanie and Derwin pose for essence and Mrs Tasha mack is stirring up more drama then needed. Melanie bites her every word and begins to wonder about (dj) Derwin's baby. Jason Pitts is having trouble being on a sports show that won't stroke his eagle all the time. He gets in useless debate about his stats. If you look at the bottom of the screen you can see he eneded the season with 2500 yeards wow!. Dip and Pitts ,lol.

Scene 2
Kelly slams Jason on her reality show , Ballers wife's . Melanie swabs DJ , my heart sank just knowing how wrong that was . Tasha Mack and Terrance , I was like wow. Melanie Gets the phone call, hearts pound . Teetee now owns a Cluck truck and is getting his own money.

Scene 3
Melanie tells Derwin and he flips. I don't know if i can forgive my wife for something like that. This crosses all the lines for me, where is the trust. She should have came to him and asked him if he would be willing to go get the test. Now they have trust issues for rest of there life and trust issues with Jannay. Malik plays with Megan good in the rest room shows how money can cloud a woman's common sense.

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